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 Soltron contains an active enzyme which multiplies in fuel, 'feeding' on contaminants which prevent clean, efficient combustion. Soltron's unique action is to break down the molecular structure of those contaminants, changing them into combustible fuel. The released energy increases performance and economy, the reduction in contaminants reduces carbon build-up, reduces wear and lowers harmful emissions.  The product was developed in Japan and the benefits that their marine operators have experienced have been considerable.  This document summarises the marine benefits.

Soltron treats fuel in the tank and attacks contaminants, (including diesel sludge) in every stage of the fuel delivery system. Filters stay cleaner, injectors need less frequent service. Microbes living in fuel are killed and broken down to pass through filters and be safely combusted in engines or heating systems. Unlike biocides, microbes do not develop an immunity to Soltron. Soltron works right through the winter, particularly during winter layups, and prevents microbes breeding at the fuel/water interface at tank bottoms.  This photo shows a fuel sample before and after treatement.  

Fuel sample

Before treatment sample is very black on the left.  This diesel is full of asphaltenes. The treated sample is on the right.

The fuel savings made possible by Soltron may vary by engine type and use.  Fuel savings of 10 - 15% can be expected. Laboratory tests have recorded fuel economy improvement of 14%. Power is also increased and gains of 17% have been recorded in the laboratory.  The gains, however, are regularly so great that the cost of Soltron will be more that repaid, even in the most efficient engine.

The first Soltron treatment should be at the rate of 1 part to each 2,500 parts of total fuel capacity.   Soltron should be added before tank fill.  Examples: Small cars/tanks: 20ml to 50 litres. Large cars/tanks: 40ml to 100 litres. Larger boat tanks and trucks: 160ml to 400 litres.  At re-fills add 1 part to each 5,000 parts of total fuel capacity. Dose rates half those above.

Soltron is supplied in 2 sizes 125ml which will treat 312/625 litres or 500ml which will treat 1250/2500 litres.  Suppliers include ASAP  Additional suppliers can be found at


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