"How to Design a Boat"
John Teal

Excellent primer on boat design with lots of good advice on hull proportions.  Useful when looking at designs.

"Teach Yourself Naval Architecture"
Brian Baxter

Simple to start with, but rapidly gets complicated. Good to understand the principles before using any hull design software programs.

"The Nature of Boats"
Dave Gerr

Excellent book on everything about boats.  Lots of tips and useful information on all aspects of power and sail vessels, and as the introduction says a "good noodle".   Simplified method for calculating propeller size - and propeller manufacturers agreed with the answer from these calculations.  Health warning - A book not to read when a vessel is completed!!

"The Propeller Handbook"
Dave Gerr

Long hand way to calculate propeller size.

"The Elements of Boat Strength"
Dave Gerr

Simplfied method of calculating scantling requirements to meet "melting pot" of the Classification Societies hull strength requirements for all hull materials. Basically the hull length, breadth and depth are used to provide a Scantling Number which is then used to calculate the size of all structural components, plate thickness, frame size and spacing, bulkhead and stiffner calculations. Quickly confirms if hull strength is sufficient. Accurate and checked against DNV and Lloyds Small Craft rules.

Ugly's Electrical References 2002

Excellent little book - does just as it says on the cover.  Updated 2005 version now available.

"Racundra's First Cruise"
Arthur Ransome

Inspirational book on building a Baltic yacht in Riga in the early 1920s and his cruises thereafter.  Read short extract.

Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual
Nigel Calder

 Motorboat Electrical and Electronics Manual
John C Payne

Metal Corrosion in Boats
Nigel Warren

How to Paint Your Boat
Nigel Clegg

 The Rigging Handbook
Brian Toss

Boat Data Book
Ian Nicholson

Boat Wiring
Charles Wing

 The Unsail Boat - an excellent website by Steve Dashew with lots of considerations for long distance operations.


Collision Regulations

Part A     Part B     Part C     Part D     Part E     Annex 1     Annex 2     Annex 3     Annex 4
Shipping Distress Signals and Collisions Regulations 1996
Marine Safety Agency Notice No. M.1642/COLREG 1

"MCA Small Commercial Vessel and Pilot Boat (SCV) Code"

MCA Code of Practice for small commercial vessels under 24m. Essential reading for although one's barge may not be for commercial activity or "Coded", the Code nevertheless is worth following as most guidance makes sense.  Harmonised code is replacing the old colour codes.  Read document.

UK Boat Safety Scheme

Inland waterways safety regulations.  Visit website

MCA Information 2006

Lifesaving and firefighting equipment regulations for vessels over 13.7m.  Read document.

Port of London Authority

Tidal Thames Users Guide - June 2005


Application for Ship Radio Licence.  Life saving signals.  SOLAS B pack contents.

French "D224"

French equivalent to BSS.  Read English document.  Read French document.


CEVNI regulations for inland waterways - 2002.  Read document.  Replacement pages.

Basel Agreement

Agreement governing Radio Telephone Service on European Inland Waterways.  Committee is known as RAINWAT.  Agreement was last revised in Sep 05.  Read document.

Naval Flags and Ensigns

 Guidance to the wearing of Naval Flags and Ensigns.  View document.


Hull Form
Peter Rye

Cheap software for hull design. Despite low cost when compared with MaxSurf etc, capable of doing plate development, 3D modelling, tank volume calculations, stability and damage calcs.

Mast maker

Programme for calculating staves for building hollow birdsmouth mast


Software programme for calculating propeller sizes.

Mozilla Firefox

Free internet explorer offering secure and robust surfing.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Free email programme offering secure and robust email and newsgroup facilities.

OpenOffice Org 2.0

Free Open Source Office suite providing MS Office compatability plus more advanced features.

Namo Web Editor 4

Software used to build this site - free off a PC magazine disc

Ulead Photo Album 8

Software used to build the photo gallery pages - again free off a PC mag disc

Neat Image

Excellent software for removing noise from any digital picture.

Adobe Reader

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