NAME - "KEI".  Dutch for boulder (just to remind you our surname is Stone!!).  Also used colloquially in NL to mean "OK" and the Dutch youth also use the word to mean "thumbs up, cool, in fashion". Pronounced "kay" or "kye" depending on your dialect,

MOTTO - "AUDE MOVERE" - Dare to move.

LYRIC - "Anywhere Is" by Enya and in particlar the phrase "In motion on the ocean" or as we say "Emotion on the Ocean" - and we are sure there will be lots..

CREST.  Background colours, from signalling flags, spell out K-E-I clockwise in .  Left hand quadrant represents that famous nautical phrase "Hey, Ho me hearties" and the Seven Seas.  Right hand quadrant represents "Stone the crows".  Bottom quadrant is a fijfster in the centre of the black circle in "I".  Incidentally, a fijfster, if fitted, should remain unpainted or the same colour as the hull colour until the final payment for a barge has been made.  It is then painted a different to denote that there is no owed money or mortgage/loan on the vessel.


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